Who created God?

The question of who created God is the most common question that Atheists ask when presented with evidence for existence of God. They say that if design is evidence for the Designer, then who designed the Designer?

Let me start by clarifying that even if the question remained unanswered, it would not negate the evidence that has been presented in my previous articles for the existence of God. Why? Let me explain with an example.

Suppose during an excavation, the archaeologists found evidence for a civilization at some particular place. They found artifacts. Even if the archaeologists are not able to establish any explanation of where this civilization came from, it would not negate their initial observation, that there certainly did exist a civilization at the place.

However, the question of who designed the Designer can be answered.  The main point to be noted is that the materialist Atheists who raise this question, also do not start with nothing. Because from nothing; nothing comes. They start with either matter or energy. So according to their explanation also there is something which is eternal in the past. So their objection is only begging the question.

Theists start with an immaterial God, who is All Wise and eternal in the past who designed the universe and life in it.

Now if these two are the candidates, let us analyse the evidence at hand and analyse which of the two better explains this evidence. As established before, in the article, DNA as evidence for Intelligence behind the origin of Life, we reached the conclusion that Intelligence is the best causal explanation for origin of life. Thus we establish from the evidence at hand, that an Intelligent Designer who designed life exists. Thus God is a better explanation than matter and energy.

Thus we can safely conclude that an All Wise God exists who is Eternal and had no beginning.


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3 comments on “Who created God?

  1. Your example is very strong, later the world will discover that the atheists are just mad people.
    If you can read Arabic, read this great book which is called:
    مذهب ذوي العاهات للكاتب: محمود عباس العقاد
    For me, I admire every one’s religions, but I have no willingness to speak with atheists.

  2. good example with good writing.
    nd dont use the word mad or something for any one..

  3. Good one…

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