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Quran and Embryology

A True Revelation of God has to be scientifically accurate. Since God has Created the Universe and created Life in it, He must be the most accurate in describing what He has created and not make a slightest mistake in it. As we had shown previously in the article ‘The Revelations and its Evidence’, one of the evidences of the Quran being from God, is its scientific accuracy. There is not a single statement in the Quran that goes against established science.

One of the many scientific miracles, is the accuracy with which it describes the various embryological stages. This had been recognised in the past by the well-known embryologist Prof. Keith Moore, as the video here shows.

However, science has advanced since then. Does the Quranic description still confirms to the modern scientific knowledge? Or is it true that the Quranic descriptions were borrowed from Greeks and has many errors?

Hamza Andreas Tzortzis, a senior researcher and lecturer for iERA (Islamic Education & Research Academy), has done an in-depth research and analysed this topic in his research parer Embryology in the Qur’an  – A Scientific-Linguistic Analysis of Chapter 23.  He has analysed the Arabic words used in the description of embryology in the Quran and has compared it to the latest scientific knowledge that we have in the field. He has also compared the description with the description given by the Greeks and has shown without doubt that Quran is accurate in its description and is not borrowed from Greek sources.

In short this study is an analysis of chapter 23 verses 12 to 14 of the Qur’an in light of modern embryology. This paper provides a linguistic breakdown of the relevant verses and correlate these linguistic items to established facts in the field of embryology. To ensure a comprehensive understanding of this study, an overview of Quranic exegesis is provided to appreciate how the Qur’an is made accessible and intelligible to the reader. This study also addresses various contentions, which attempt to challenge the credibility of the Quranic discourse and its concurrence with modern embryology. Among these responses is a refutation of the ancient Greek (Hellenic) plagiarism thesis.

Thus we conclude that Quran accurately describes the various Human Embryological stages and thus is one of the evidences of its Divine origins


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  1. Please also see http://www.islampapers.com for new articles and videos on the subject of embryology in the Qur’an . Wasalaam, Zito.

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