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Does Chromosomal Fusion provide evidence for Ape/Human common ancestry?

Humans have 23 chromosome pairs, and chimps and other great apes have 24 chromosome pairs. According to many scientists the fusion of two of the ancestor’s chromosomes created chromosome 2 in humans. Many Atheists and Darwinists claim that this can only be explained by common ancestry. Ken Miller does the same in his following lecture

However, if we analyse rationally, chromosomal fusion says nothing about common ancestry. It merely shows that at some point within our lineage, two chromosomes became fused. This is very well possible without common ancestry with apes. As Casey Luskin points out in the book, Science & Human Origins

If we step outside of the Darwinian box, the following scenario becomes equally possible with common ancestry:

  1. The human lineage was designed separately from apes.
  2. A chromosomal fusion event occurred in our lineage.
  3. The trait spread throughout the human population during a genetic bottleneck (when the human population size suddenly became quite small)

In such a scenario, the evidence would appear precisely as we find it, without any common ancestry with apes…

Although it is necessary to point out that the evidence for chromosomal fusion is not as clear as Ken Miller claims1 , the point to be noted is that, as we have seen above, even if chromosomal fusion did occur in our lineage, it does not stand as evidence for common ancestry with apes.


1)      For details read ‘Science & Human Origins’ Pg 96,97.


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One comment on “Does Chromosomal Fusion provide evidence for Ape/Human common ancestry?

  1. JazakAllahu khayr very helpful article

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