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Monotheism or Deism

the_truth_about_deists_mug-p168204897522923168env9k_216In the article Pantheism or Monotheism, we demonstrated that the origin of the universe, its fine tuning and other scientific evidences point towards a transcendent cause, who is Eternal, and outside time and space and is a Wise and intelligent Being.

However, Deism, like theism, for example, can explain the cosmological singularity and the anthropic fine-tuning. Like theism, deism conceives of God as both a transcendent and intelligent Creator. Nevertheless, deism denies that God has continued to participate in His Creation, either as a sustaining presence or an actor within Creation after the origin of the universe. Thus, deism would have difficulty accounting for any evidence of discrete acts of design or creation during the history of the cosmos (that is, after the Big Bang). Yet precisely such evidence now exists in the biological realm.

Current fossil evidence puts the origin of life on earth at 3.5-3.8 billion years ago, clearly well after the origin of the universe. In the article DNA as evidence for Intelligence behind the origin of Life, we showed how the presence of a high information content in the cell provides compelling evidence for the intelligent design of the first life that suggests the need for an act of creative intelligence, or a period of creative activity, well after the Big Bang.

Additional support for the theistic position comes from Revelation. As we have shown in a previous article that there is compelling evidence that God sends down revelations through His prophets. This shows that God has intervened throughout human history and has sent down an organised religion and has informed us of the purpose of our creation and showed us how to live our lives.

Thus we conclude that belief in One God who is outside time and space and who intervenes in His creation as He Wills, is the correct concept as it is supported by scientific and scriptural evidence.


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