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Do Good & Get Speared.

You learn quite a few things from people you work with, especially if it’s a new job or you are new to job itself(first job). They have been there for a while and know the ins and outs of the organisation, have experience of work and life, and on most occasions can provide you with random bites of wisdom.

One such bite was, कर भला तो हो भाला, a play on the ancient saying कर भला तो हो भला. Now the latter is “Do Good & Get Good” while the former is as the title says, “Do Good & Get Speared”. Now it would not be a strange phenomenon for many reading this, that one time or the other, on one occasion or more, your intentions was to do something good but you actually had to take a flack for it and/or got yourself in a bit of bother. This isn’t limited to work environment and can happen in family, and even relationships.

A very basic reason could be that despite your intentions, you made a mistake or you did something that wasn’t appropriate to do. In this case, take it on the chin, say sorry if you have to and move on with life. It is great to have zeal because that’s what drives you but overzealousness can and in most occasion does prove hazardous, and you will come off as an ignoramus.

Another and more intriguing reason is that the world we live in is not short of pessimists, cynics and opportunists. So you did something, now you are waiting for the pat on the back(appreciation hungry people that we are) but what you get is a kick in the teeth. One of the things that you can do to make the whole life experience a bit better, cut back on your appreciation hunger. Now it will be easier for you to do the right thing because you are doing it because it is right. This will be hard, especially hard for the people pleaser.

Whatever happens, don’t lose your optimism, your will to be and do good because once that happens, you will lose the drive to do things, everything will become a chore, becoming a go with the flow person among the countless others who have already given up. Special people among this group come up with random bites of wisdom as mentioned above and a good majority become pessimists, cynics and opportunists. Ah! this stupid cycle. 

Looks very bleak, well not necessarily. At the end of the day, your intention was to do good and that’s what matters the most. You hold onto your values and morals, forget about pleasing the people when it leads to the displeasure of the Creator. So stick to कर भला तो हो भला, that is “Do Good & Get Good”.     

Some awesome tweets and status updates:

AbdulMalik Clare (@AbuHafsahClare):

  • “Always do your best. If people can’t keep up, that’s their problem, not yours.”
  • “Whiners hold you back, winners help you move forward.”

Mufti Ismail Menk (@muftimenk):

  • “You cannot stop the tongues of people but do not let the tongues of people stop you.”
  • “He who leads the pack should expect greater flack.”
  • “Instead of complaining about the fast diminishing number of honest, kind, sincere, upright people in the world, I should strive to be one.”

Kamil Nadeem (@kamilnadeem):

  • “Kuch to log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna, agli baar koi kuch kahe, mukka maar ke daat tod dena. Just kidding.”

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