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The reality of Taweez/Amulets: An Expression of Shirk!

Oh! Muslims will you not take heed and keep on associating partners with Allah (Shirk). This is such a common jahil(ignorant) practice that is so widespread that there is no end to it.
No lal Dahagha kala dhaga, No 786(nothing Islamic in it, just the geusswork of some misguided people who thought it would be fun to write Bismillah with numbers, well such code can be made to say anything), No Taweez or Amulets, Horseshoe, rabbit’s foot, touchwood, idols and pictures of godmen who are in fact conmen, etc. etc. can do anything for you if Allah doesn’t wills it. So put your trust in Allah alone, the creator of everything, and Worship the Creator alone, not the creation. Using these things can’t protect as they are themselves powerless and indeed you will be at loss both in the Dunya and Akhira.

What is crazy is in all these years if you have watched any Bollywood movies there couldn’t possibly be a Muslim guy in the film who isn’t wearing the amulet/taweez on his neck or arms, as if it is the whole sole representation of Islam, and if you see the taweez, it’s a Muslim thing and just goes on to show how and what most of the people in India associate with Islam, grave worshiping, Taweez and Amulets, superstitious beliefs, cultural beliefs and acts that has nothing to do with Islam.
Make sincere Tawba (repentance) to Allah, and hold on firmly to the Quran and Sunnah of Allah and his Messenger(peace be upon him).

Allahu Musta’an (May Allah help us).

JazzakAllah khayr brother Gabriel Al Romaani for making this video. May Allah guide people through it. Ameen.

Think, Ponder, Reflect

The wearing of Ta’weez (amulets with Qur’an inside, or numbers representing Qur’aanic verses like 786) is as illogical as someone going to a doctor with an illness, collecting and paying for his perscription, then rolling it up or folding it, and putting it an ornamented leather pouch and wearing it around his neck, or arm or waist. Brothers and Sisters lost in this evil and dark practice bordering on shirk if not shirk itself. The Prophet (pbuh) said, “Whoever wears an amulet has committed shirk!!!” Please open your eyes before it is too late. – Dr Bilal


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