Judaization of Jerusalem and Israeli measures

Judaization of jerusalem and israeli measuresSince Jerusalem fell under the occupation of Israel, in the aftermath of 1967 war, the auhorities in the Jewish state have adopted specific measures to bring about its Judaization and annexation. These measures included the expulsion of the Arab natives of Jerusalem, confiscation of their land and property, destruction of their houses, and sacrilege of the holy places of both Christians and muslims alike. The aim of these measures was to alter the Arab cultural, demographic and historical character of the holy city. Following are some specimen measures and policies of ethnic cleansing, sacrilege and confiscation of land and property adopted by Israel to marginalise the Arab population of the land in order to Judaize it:

* Some 80,000 Arab citizens have been forcibly driven out of thier homes in Jerusalem

* Confiscation of over 35% land in East Jerusalem for the establishment of illegal Jewish settelments and roads.

* Burning of Al Aqsa mosque (1969), damaging some parts of it including the famous Saladin pulpit.

* Bulldozing the villages of Yalu, Beit Noba, Amwas and Maghribi quarter in the vicinity of Jerusalem.

*Demolition of palestinian houses and properties and perpetration of massacres at the vicinity of Al Haram Al Shareef.

*Extensive excavations beneath Al Haram Al Shareef posing serious threats to the structure of the holy shrine, effecting its possible collapse.

*Looting of Christian holy places, stealing precious ancient and rare icons, ornaments and paintings.

*Annexation of Old Jerusalem, declaring it as the eternal capital of Israel, in flagrant violation of UN resolutions and the fourth Geneva Convention.

*Sanctions by Israeli courts to allow jewish groups to conduct prayers at Al Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock.

* Closure of palestinian institutions, religious and others.

*Conspiring to blow up the holy mosque of Al Aqsa, more than once.

* Gross violation of Human Rights of the Palestinians.

* Confiscation of Arab citizens’ identity proofs and denying residence to those who leave the city even temporarily.


About Imran Ali

IMRAN ALI, is an up-coming writer and columnist. His studies were interrupted when he, as a child of 14, simply told his father M. Sulemen, a businessman, that he just can't get what his school teacher teaches paying little attention to the weak students of the class. So, on a promise that he'll 'study at home' he never again saw the face of the school, though he carried his studies well to fullfill the promise of his; his experience as a volunteer(a dedicated social worker) provided him with material for his articles and writings. He first gained attention with ''Aurangzed as he was'' and ''New world Order 'Vs' Just world Order'' (September 2011, The Companion, English monthly, and several other magazines), probably his finest articles. Next 10 year he coming with his debut novel, and is fully dedicated on it's research. Taken together, his articles present a broad, naturalistic picture of Indian life. His subjects include History, the Indian peasantry, the bureaucracy, life of a downtrodden Indians and have nots, the emotional problems of the different classes, and, ominously, hallucination, Very new in Style and to Approach, Combining psychoanalysis with human behaviour. His writings well captures the collective psyche of the world as a whole. He's been a district level boxer. Known as a peoples magnet in his vast friends circle, and a booklover who humorously with pride discloses, '' I've read over hundreds of books relating to arts, literature, science, metaphysics, naturopathy and psychlogy. So, the conclusion here is easy to derive, that i, who was raised from childhood in a modern muslim belief have been mostly preferring reading all kinds of books rather than writing!'' His reading since childhood, has been mostly centered around knowing the truths[truth here means of all kinds humans ever categorized, mysteries and human psyche has given me a better understanding of the human soul, mind and spirit in collaboration with my Islamic teachings.] Since he started his reading at the age of 15 reading Stories of literary giants, like Leo tolstoy, George Orwell, and Guy de muppasant and many Indian masters like Sir Mohammed Iqbal(The Poet Of the East), Margret Marcus, Leopold weiss, and Manto. And their collective influence made me search for my own moorings, adapting my father's style of srorytelling. In the beginning, there was nothing magnificent in acquiring all this, from books, as it was nothing more beside his own interest, and his interest to help morally deprived and confused men he used to meet in parties and gatherings. And amazingly, only a few years back, an up an coming, extraordinarily talented writer and one of his closest friends of his, who always loved his ideas gave rise to a writer hiding somewhere inside him. When while sipping the tea he insisted him to collect his ideas in a diary which keep on counselling youngmen of varieties every third day resulting in a great interruption in our appointed informational communication. Suddenly, at the very instinct, the idea occured in his mind of writing down these ideas effectively, concisely and pertaining to the questions of todays' youth who are short of time resolving them. And with him as his inspiration, he picked up the pen, and started unfolding, writing in the name of the architect of this whole universe. Which is none other than ''Allah.''

5 comments on “Judaization of Jerusalem and Israeli measures

  1. Being a Jew, let me accept these factual points, Mr. Imran Ali makes. We Jews have suffered regularly persecution down the ages from the hands of Romans to the Greeks to the Orthodox Roman Christians but “Muslims” had helped Jews to come out of those worst memories in the Muslim umpires. Every Jew knows it, we are taught. Yet we kick off the fact just because of our hunger towards Palestinian lands. Muslim Spain intervenes the foremost example.

    The world is calling us child killers, just because of the politico hungry Zionists aided by the US. Judaism never associates with Zionism. They who want to unleash terror in the name of Peace.

    Up with Peace and Judaism and Izlam and down with Zionism and Zionist.

    You cant make falsehood truth whether you use press or media or ammunition or for that matter, terror.

    Truth is timeless!


  2. Why the world is so silent ?
    These are facts.
    Thank you ! Mr. Imran

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