A New Wave of Apostasy


A new wave of apostasy
ﻣﻮﺟﻪ ﺟﺪﻳﺪﺓ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﺮﺩﺓ
The foundation of all modern scientific research and development was laid down by muslims during the Middle ages when Europe was passing through the Dark Ages. Inspired by the Islamic message and call to gain knowledge, muslims excelled in all fields of science like astronomy, mathematics, physics, chemistry, medicine, etc. by acquiring and preserving the existing knowledge through translations as well as by adding their own innovations and inventions to it. Places like Egypt, Spain, Syria, Iraq were the centres of great scientific learning, research, and enquiry under the medieval muslim rulers at the time when Europe was in a state of disarray. All modern European or Western scientific developments owe a great deal to the muslim scientists and scholars like al-Khwarizmi, al-Razi, al Farabi, Omar Khayyam, Avicenna, Ibn-al-Haytham, Jabir bin Hayyan, al-Zahrawi, Nasir al-Din al-Tusi, etc. to name a few.

Today, western countries are put in an advantageous position through thier dazzling economic progress owing to their scientific and technological advancement. The devloping nations are so enomoured by this success of theirs that they succumb to thier superiority. Bugged by inferiority complex, they take pride in adopting and following the culture and traditions of these devoloped nations.

The whole world is so enchanted by western ascendancy in the field of science and technology that it has taken them  as its uncontested leader. Treading thier path is taken as a matter of pride and prestige.

Had this process of scientific research and development continued in the islamic world from the middles ages to the present times without any break, then the muslim community would have benefitted through the fruits and acquisitions of all these subsequent scientific devlopments, and there would not have been any ideological erosion as the religion and the material world would not have been segregated.

Among their followers are also included such muslims who are educated in the western sciences and have moved away from Islamic environment and are alien to Islamic thought and values. They think and believe that success and salvation for them lie alone in adopting to the western lifestyle. All these people repose faith in materialistic philosophies like scepticism, agnosticism, rationalism, atheism, profiteering hedonism, librertinism, permissivness evolution theory etc. and doubt the religious beliefs and principles. Inspite of having born and living in muslim families and environment, thier minds are westernised to such an extent that the West haunts thier behaviour, thinking and living. This tendency among muslims can well be termed as ‘Mental Apostasy’. All modern materialistic philosophies are lilting the humanity to sound sleep, rendering it unable to think and believe in the other life – the life after death, thus suffocating and killing it forever.


About Imran Ali

IMRAN ALI, is an up-coming writer and columnist. His studies were interrupted when he, as a child of 14, simply told his father M. Sulemen, a businessman, that he just can't get what his school teacher teaches paying little attention to the weak students of the class. So, on a promise that he'll 'study at home' he never again saw the face of the school, though he carried his studies well to fullfill the promise of his; his experience as a volunteer(a dedicated social worker) provided him with material for his articles and writings. He first gained attention with ''Aurangzed as he was'' and ''New world Order 'Vs' Just world Order'' (September 2011, The Companion, English monthly, and several other magazines), probably his finest articles. Next 10 year he coming with his debut novel, and is fully dedicated on it's research. Taken together, his articles present a broad, naturalistic picture of Indian life. His subjects include History, the Indian peasantry, the bureaucracy, life of a downtrodden Indians and have nots, the emotional problems of the different classes, and, ominously, hallucination, Very new in Style and to Approach, Combining psychoanalysis with human behaviour. His writings well captures the collective psyche of the world as a whole. He's been a district level boxer. Known as a peoples magnet in his vast friends circle, and a booklover who humorously with pride discloses, '' I've read over hundreds of books relating to arts, literature, science, metaphysics, naturopathy and psychlogy. So, the conclusion here is easy to derive, that i, who was raised from childhood in a modern muslim belief have been mostly preferring reading all kinds of books rather than writing!'' His reading since childhood, has been mostly centered around knowing the truths[truth here means of all kinds humans ever categorized, mysteries and human psyche has given me a better understanding of the human soul, mind and spirit in collaboration with my Islamic teachings.] Since he started his reading at the age of 15 reading Stories of literary giants, like Leo tolstoy, George Orwell, and Guy de muppasant and many Indian masters like Sir Mohammed Iqbal(The Poet Of the East), Margret Marcus, Leopold weiss, and Manto. And their collective influence made me search for my own moorings, adapting my father's style of srorytelling. In the beginning, there was nothing magnificent in acquiring all this, from books, as it was nothing more beside his own interest, and his interest to help morally deprived and confused men he used to meet in parties and gatherings. And amazingly, only a few years back, an up an coming, extraordinarily talented writer and one of his closest friends of his, who always loved his ideas gave rise to a writer hiding somewhere inside him. When while sipping the tea he insisted him to collect his ideas in a diary which keep on counselling youngmen of varieties every third day resulting in a great interruption in our appointed informational communication. Suddenly, at the very instinct, the idea occured in his mind of writing down these ideas effectively, concisely and pertaining to the questions of todays' youth who are short of time resolving them. And with him as his inspiration, he picked up the pen, and started unfolding, writing in the name of the architect of this whole universe. Which is none other than ''Allah.''

4 comments on “A New Wave of Apostasy

  1. The unfortunate fact is that despite our claims of advancement in the fields of science and academics, the world we live in today is as ever rife with prejudices and pressures to fit into what is ‘normal,’ thus Muslims feeling they have to compromise their faith to ‘fit in’ in words and actions,often falling into Apostacy, as you stated.
    More consequential is that we are ‘thrown’ into this life as slaves to our circumstance, not able to control our place of birth, our parents or lineage, our DNA or our social condition. In fact there are psychologists who deliberate quite rightly, that we never even chose to exist at all.

    This state of bondage is magnified when we are pressured to fit into the social norms of our communities, taking the form of a suffocating cultural slavery. Sometimes our participation in following changing fashions and trends is willing- we quite like those maxi dresses that are now ‘in vogue’ or we don’t mind paying ridiculous prices for the new smart phone which has only one additional feature different to the previous model – but most times we un-wittingly and un-willingly succumb to societal pressure.

    Another form of enslavement is the servitude to our desires, many of which are harmful to our psychological state, our loyalties to others and our spiritual well-being. Examples include the urge to pursue that unobtainable man or woman at the expense of our pride and dignity, the drive to follow our dreams no matter who gets trampled upon and the desire to fulfil every filthy fantasy thus degrading our very being. This is magnified by the ‘sex culture’ of today.

    This is where Muslims like myself prefer to rid ourselves of all these forms of subjugation and find solace and purpose in submitting to the Creator becoming ‘His’ slave alone.
    May Allah SWT guide us all to re-claim our Glory Days by submitting to His will and striving for the Akhirah. Through obedience comes true success.

  2. This is because the muslims have come to believe (in their ignorance) that religion and science are inversely related. Being ignorant of their own history, and having made to believe (wrongly) that science and technology is the progeny of the West, they have come to associate the poor scientific and technological development in the (present) so-called Islamic world with relgion rather than with the lack of religious commitment. They don’t know (and therefore need to know) that when Islamic world was truly “Islamic”, it was on the heights in every field, far advance than the rest of the world; that the religious commitment gave impetus to the scientific progress rather than hampering it; that the solution to the muslims’ present plight lies in coming close to religion rather than denouncing it.

  3. Very well written. What is wrong, is wrong, whether we like it or not, as Muslims we have to accept what Islam tells us.

  4. Very nice Article…only this guy seems to have talents of his own…other Authors are so-so. Language seems professional.

    I’d like to ask some questions from the Author though.. and that is-

    Are these rules on applicable to Muzlims? Are Christians and Jews not part of the Islamic metaphysical realm, or for that matter, are others, who don’t belong to the Principals of Islam, and if so and what are it’s limitations?

    Plz don’t take it as a critical view! I just want to broaden my outlook on the theology and Philosophy of Islam?

    Greetings from U.S.!

    Keep Writing such straightforward, and powerful prose and keep informing and uninformed!

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