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Sara Khan and Maajid Nawaz – Faux Indignation and Feminist Excommunication (Takfir)

Zara Faris

The Daily Mail recently raised a furore over Maajid Nawaz’ (Co-Founder and Chair of the Quilliam Foundation, and Lib-Dem parliamentary candidate) session at a strip club, revealing footage in which he appeared to be repeatedly attempting to molest a dancer. As a self-professed feminist, many eyebrows were raised at Nawazhypocrisy for degrading women in this way.

The double-standards of the “Muslim Feminist

Sara Khan (director of a womens human rights organisation, Inspire), widely perceived as an ally in Maajid Nawazcampaign to reform Islam into a lobotomised form, was called upon to condemn her ally. She then published an article condemning Maajid Nawaz for his “misogyny” and objectification of the female dancer. She also endorsed another article, by Feminist columnist Sarah Ditum, who said, Nawaz, of course, is not a feminist, denouncing Maajid Nawaz as not…

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