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Islam & extremism (Video)


Rational Thinkers Cafe had set up a stall in this years Lucknow Mahutsav at the  Regional Park, Aashiana, Lucknow from the 27th January to 7th February 2016 in order to educate people about the evidence for God, and the evidence for Islam.

Many people visited our stall and we had a wonderful conversation with a lot of people during the event. Dr. Rocky John was one of the visitors at the stall.

Dr. Rocky John (professor Christian College, Lucknow) is pursuing D.Litt. from Lucknow University on the topic of Islam & extremism. During his visit at the Rational Thinkers Cafe stall at Lucknow Mahutsav he had a conversation with brother Kartik Kumar.

The topics discussed include Islamic Laws, extremism in Islam, Wahabism, concept of intercession between man and God, terrorism, etc. The discussion is in Hindi.  The video can be seen below

Dr. John was extremely satisfied and happy with our conversation and promised to keep in touch.


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