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Are Miracles Impossible? (Video)

Many Atheists often claim that miracles are impossible as they violate the laws of nature. Is this claim true? Do miracles violate the laws of nature? Even if they do, does that mean that they are impossible? I answer this question in the following video


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One comment on “Are Miracles Impossible? (Video)

  1. The first thing we need to do is reject that definition of miracle I.e violation of laws of nature

    Secondly we can show the definition is flaw by demonstrating it with an example

    According to the law of gravity if I drop a bottle of water according to the law of gravity if will fall to the ground if I catch the bottle before it fall to the ground does that mean I have violate the law of gravity ?

    If the answer is yes then his premise and definition are falsify

    If the answer is no then the law of nature only descriptive of the possible outcome of a event.

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