Articles on Religion

1. The Revelations and its Evidence

2. Is the Quran only quidance that has been revealed by God ?   

3. A moment please!

4. Purpose behind Creation & Existence of Evil

5. Who God is, and what He requires of Us

6. Darkness and light

7. “Allah promises only to protect Quran and not Sunnah.”

8. “To be” in Islam

9. The Actual Concept of Jihad in Islam

10. What about Other Religions?

11. Issue of Aahad Hadeeth and its Acceptability.

12. Pantheism or Monotheism

13. Position of Sunnah with respect to Quran

14. Allegation: Imam Bukhari collects mu’allaq (hanging) hadith in his collection

15. Allegation: Imam Bukhari was expelled from Naisaboor and Bukhara, proves he was a Deceiver.

16. Adam, Eve and Quran

17. Purpose behind Human Suffering

18. Allegation on Imam Bukhari (r) that he used to conceal a part of hadith because he was the supporter of Shafi madhab

19. Is God Just?

20. Why did the Prophethood end?

21. Is Eternal Punishment for Finite Sins Justified?

22. Monotheism or Deism

23. The Omar Series

24. A Glance Over Contemporary Philosophy

25. The reality of Taweez/Amulets: An Expression of Shirk!

26. No offence but Man Up!

27. A New Wave of Apostasy

28. Evidence for Quran

29. Rational explanation of Purpose of Life, Reason of Evil and Suffering


2 comments on “Religion

  1. I found your website due to the Evolution article. I’m a Business student, but I love learning about Science. Your website was called “Rational Thinkers Cafe”, so I thought this was going to be a Rationalist’s (Atheist) website – someone who uses critical, rational thinking. How deceptive to use that URL for your website!

    When I was reading your Evolution article, I was thinking, “What the hell? Does the author even understand evolution? What, is this a Christian website, calling themselves “rational thinkers”, in disguise?” (Because I’m in America, and mainly because a lot of Christians tend to think they’re rational, when instead, they’re just uneducated and lazy thinkers.)

    So I clicked on the “Religion” tab, and saw all of the Islam stuff. Now I get it. Not Christian, but Muslim. THAT explains why the Evolution article was so horribly written, and full of ignorant statements.

    I’m going to tell you the same thing I tell Christians on their websites – you guys keep starting off with the Conclusion that you want to be true, then you keep remain ignorant by rejecting everything that goes against your Conclusion, and in the end, you determine that your Conclusion is true, because you rejected what’s real. That’s why you should give up your religion. It’s not advancing society and knowledge, it’s hindering it.

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