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Articles Related to Science

1. Origin of Universe

2. DNA as evidence for Intelligence behind the origin of Life

3. Fine Tuning of the Universe

4. Universe Finely Tuned to Permit Scientific Discoveries

5. Does Synthetic Genetics provide evidence for Darwinian Evolution?

6. Undesirable design

7. Who Created God?

8. Is Darwin’s theory of Evolution a scientific fact?

9. Antibiotic and Antiviral Drug Resistance as evidence for Darwinian Evolution

10. Recent Research findings on MicroRNAs Conflict Traditional Tree of Life

11. Quran and Embryology

12. Intelligence Behind The Cambrian Explosion

13. Is the Appendix useless?

14. The Problem of Sex

15. Does Anatomical and Genetic similarity provide evidence for Ape/Human common ancestry?

16. Does Chromosomal Fusion provide evidence for Ape/Human common ancestry?

17. Metamorphosis

18. Adam, Eve and Science

19. The Scientific Debate over Free Will

20. God or Multiverse – which provides a better explanation to Fine Tuning

21. Experimental Evidence for Causal Adequacy of Intelligent Design

22. Predictions of Intelligent Design

23. Comprehensive Critique of Neo-Darwinian Theory

24. Are Miracles Impossible?

25. Quantum Cosmology & Origin of the Universe


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